Featurrre: Black Ends release live album Out Of Tune In Outer Space



By My Pal Foot Foot

March 15th, 2024

"Holy shit this rocks" -Gingerbread Man

Somewhere in Seattle, WA, a fish is flying through the air. Someone is crafting an absurd Starbucks order. Most importantly though, Black Ends is celebrating the release of their live album Out Of Tune In Outer Space. Recorded at a show in Arcata, CA, this is as real as Rock and Roll gets. Craving some gunk? Listen to this album. Feeling uninspired? Listen to this album. Think you're ready for the big time? Listen to this album and think again.

We interviewed Black Ends at the very black end of 2023 after a stellar show they headlined at Seattle's Sunset Tavern. We covered a wide range of juicy topics both music related and unrelated, you can read it here. They'll be dropping their debut LP this fall, consider this dessert before dinner. They already have an extensive catalouge of EP's and singles though so check them out on Spotify and connect with them on social media below to stay in the loop.