Show Review: Black Ends, Linda From Work, Peyote Ugly, Dusty Suns


Seattle Bands Wrap Up A Successful 2023

By Gunk Pop

January 5, 2024

Dusty Suns at The Sunset

Sunsets are a rare winter treat for Seattle’s near perpetual overcast sky. We didn’t get one on Friday, December 29th, but we were at the Sunset Tavern for a raucous benefit show featuring local groups Dusty Suns, Peyote Ugly, Linda From Work, and Black Ends. All proceeds from the show are going towards a local friend to support a family member's end of life care. It was a sold out event so besides the great music it was great to see the community come together for a cause. A GoFundMe is still active and open here if you feel called to support.

We arrived in time to catch the back half of Dusty Suns opening set. They were groovy, garage-y, and playing musical chairs. The drummer and guitarist switched for a song. Three members joined in to sing a chorus. One song had dueling guitar solos. It was eclectic and massive.

"Ya look dusty!"

Peyote Ugly was next. We flipped through their zine while waiting for their set, you’ll have to grab your own copy to see what’s in it. Once ready they wasted no time revving up. Their songs were tight and dialed in, which emphasized their spaced out psych vibe. The keyboardist played barefoot with a vibraslap ready for action at a moment's notice. We laughed after it was over when one of them just tossed their pedals into a box that also looked to contain lighters and rolling papers.

Ugly in action

Most everybody was drinking Rainier beer, as they should be. It’s a regional delicacy that seems to only be available in the Pacific Northwest. We run no ads and have no intention to, but are completely open to the idea of a Rainier sponsorship. Rainier: Mountain fresh. Naturally brewed.

Linda From Work stormed the stage next, not to be confused with the Linda Lindas. But who knows, maybe they are talking about the same Linda lady. In three words they were gritty, riffy, and thumping. Don’t get all the dirt confused though. The tunes were catchy and danceable and the crowd wasted no time getting down.

Working hard or hardly working, Linda?

Black Ends had the task of taking us all on a ride off into the sunset, and what a topsy-turvy ride it was. Their drummer brought a thrash to the kit that might have broken it had the set lasted any longer than it did. This was a wild juxtaposition to the slick basslines and honey sweet vocals. They took the opportunity to try out some new material for the first time live and it was a smashing success. We demanded an encore and they obliged.

ginger bread men fucking love Black Ends

The night was a great way to close out 2023. Connect with these bands below to stay in the know in the new year. Again, the link to donate to Theresa’s end of life care can be found here. Any amount is appreciated. We look forward to more sunsets in 2024 and are reminding ourselves not to take any of them for granted.