Show Review: Tetchy EP Release at The Knitting Factory. January 18th, 2024.


Happy Birthday, Jesse!

By My Hot Wife

January 20, 2024


Thursday night we were back at The Knitting Factory for the Tetchy EP release show with support from Steve of Ovlov, D.A. Crimson, and Raisalka. Winter has finally descended on New York City and we bundled up for a brisk subfreezing shuffle to the venue from Flatiron. We arrived shivering with anticipation, still absorbing Sunday's surprise revelation that The Knitting Factory is the old Pyramid Club.

Steve from Ovlov opened up with an incredible solo set. Armed with only himself and his guitar, he crafted pensively electric songs that were like a warm blanket of memories. Melodically melancholic at times, Steve let his guitar do most of the singing. Though he was no slouch himself. These memories were raspy and colorful.

Steve's solo mojo

D.A. Crimson was also a solo act for a portion of their set, inviting a friend to join halfway through to create a guitar duo. These songs were more downtempo and airy than the opening set. Their voice floated above the ever so slightly detuned sweetness of fingerpicked instrumentation. These songs were not in a rush to go anywhere and neither were we while enjoying the moment.

"Looking down the barrel to Heaven"

Raisalka came on next, cramming all five members on stage for a quick set of fireworks. Lots of sonic ground was covered in a short amount of time. Songs ranged from bouncy and energetic, to slightly headbanging, to straight up noisy. Their drummer held it down for every groove. Props to all the guitarists for each forgoing a pedalboard and instead daisy-chaining their pedals, we like the look.

Pass me the riff syrup

Tetchy introduced their new EP first with a music video then some audio recordings of fan submissions. It was a band member's birthday, before the music started the frontwoman procured custom made shirts from a bag at center stage that each member donned. They were classic slapstick tourist pieces with handwritten additions, one reading “PROPERTY OF MY HOT WIFE… JESSE”. Musically, Tetchy was sickly sweet. Falsetto whisper verses and contemplative intros gave way to crushing choruses and punky thunder. The stage was a snake pit of twisted cables and their frontwoman contorted at times like a snake. Not a charmed snake, though. A bewitched one.

Does this feel ok?

Tetchy's EP All In My Head is available to listen and purchase on Bandcamp HERE. If you missed the show make sure to connect with Steve, Ovlov, D.A. Crimson, and Raisalka below. Then you won’t miss a thing!