Show Review: The Sunday Scaries! November 19th, 2023


They were singing. Our ears were ringing, and all was right in the world

By Azure Noshow & Alexa G

December 9th, 2023

Kitten Belly by Alexa G

On a cool Sunday evening we ventured down to Bushwick Public House to catch a show put on by our very own Rrrat City Records. The lineup was a promising cocktail of punk, punk-rock, and good old rock and roll. Sometime around 8:00 the lights dimmed and opener Kitten Belly roared to life, oscillating between reverb-soaked riffs and howling choruses. Then Insöuciant lit the stage like a barrage of fireworks. They played fast and loose with a set of originals and covers. Our personal favorite was “Rats In My Ceiling” for obvious reasons. Towards the end of their set they even got the people standing against the wall to throw their bodies around with a Nirvana cover.

Kitten Belly by Alexa G


After that, Rain Under Thunder appeared to play their debut show. You wouldn’t know it though. They powered through a set of crunchy rock, heavy bass grooves, and punchy drums like seasoned veterans. In a way they were veterans, recruiting bass from New York standouts Autumn Estate. Lollirot closed the show playing to an enthusiastic crowd and displaying an impressive range. They played originals, a Hole cover, and even a rap-adjacent track to finish on a high note.

Rain Under Thunder by Alexa G

Lollirot by Alexa G

It was all over almost as soon as it began, and our ears ached for more. Great fortune that Alexa G was there to photograph and capture the moment. Maybe the Sunday Scaries! will strike again, and if they do we hope to see you there. These bands will surely be out and about though. Connect with them on social media through the links below and catch their next act!

Lollirot by Alexa G