Show Review: Panik Flower EP Release. December 15th, 2023.


Normally we'd say "don't panic" to be assuring. Here we're saying "do panik".

By King Triton

December 17th, 2023

Trophy Wife

It was the warmest mid-December Friday the 15th we could ever remember at Brooklyn's Union Pool. A dip in a pool didn’t sound like too bad of an idea but when we arrived there was no deep end to be found. What’s with the name, then? Side quests aside, we were there for Panik Flower's “Dark Blue” EP release show with support from Dogs On Shady Lane and Trophy Wife.

Before we get into the bands we’d like to shoutout the venue. The main bar was spacious and welcoming. To get to the stage room you walk through the bar into a separate semi-outdoor area that was again tastefully spacious, with another set of side doors to a fully outdoor area. Then further through the maze is the play room with an elevated stage, full bar, and most importantly a great sound setup.

First to grace the stage was Trophy Wife. We don’t have the words to accurately describe them other than “potent”. Individually their members all have major label talent and as a group they compliment each other effortlessly. At one point their frontwoman got on the mic in between songs to make an adjustment to their guestlist in real time, seeing their friends stuck at ticketing in the back. We like the power play. We think about it all day.

Trophy Wife

Next up was Dogs On Shady Lane. They had firepower. Their drummer had a keyboard, so did second guitar. Their songs were galloping and tranquil with hair raising harmonies. It was a soothing experience, like floating in the pool that wasn’t there. Our favorite moment was a masterfully executed mid-song break of silence, with the singer whispering a cheeky “got you” before swan diving back into the sound.

Dogs On Shady Lane

Finally, Panik Flower appeared, and appeared with style. The quintet crammed onto the stage and unboxed a lush wall of sound in a way that only a quintet could. Vocals soared and echoed skyward on the backs of layers of dreamy instrumentation. The experience was akin to watching something fast happen in slow motion, like a waterfall.

Panik Flower

Panik Flower

We can’t wait to see these bands play again. Connect with them on social media below to stay in the loop, hope to see you there!