Featurrre: WAAH's "Sunn" live music video


We Are All Human

By Ra

February 21, 2024

WAAH left to right: Gabriel Gavidia, Shadow Xu, Alonso Hernández

If a meteor fell from the sky onto the earth, with its velocity shredding itself into fiery pieces, and landed in the middle of a silent lake, that impact and the ensuing reverberations would be the opening note to WAAH’s "Sunn". This New York three piece composed of guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Gavidia, bassist Shadow Xu, and drummer Alonso Hernández craft a dizzyingly heavy hypnosis with their latest video. We need say no more, check it out.

We’re dead set on experiencing this for ourselves. Connect with WAAH on Instagram to stay up to date. They’ve got a healthy calendar of shows below, see you there.