Featurrre: Support Patchwerks, Seattle’s Premier Synth Shop


ISO: Helping hands for community music beacon

By Angelo Comeaux

January 30, 2024

Patchwerks under pressure

Located at 4129 Stone Way N, Patchwerks is a local Seattle business that began its life as a meetup community of synthesizer enthusiasts. Today it’s a 2,500 foot showroom with a global reach that continues to cultivate community with local artist showcases, workshops, and trade shows. But today, after battling through the pandemic, they are also fighting an economic battle for survival. They’ve come out to ask for the public's support to help them get back on their feet through a GoFundMe hosted here.

We were at Patchwerks ourselves just recently in December. We saw equipment and gear we’ve never seen anywhere else before. Staff were incredibly friendly and even helped us out, patiently working with us to learn some instruments. And a corner of the showroom was dedicated to local art and artists, where one could purchase their CD’s, tapes, and other merch on display. Karl Behrens, bass/guitar/synth for local Seattle band Dusty Suns and former Patchwerks employee, had this to say: “Patchwerks hosted the incredible music festival called Velocity, the most recent featured headline artists Lisa Bella Donna, Daedalus, Richard Devine, as well as dozens of national and local electronic artists at Substation in Seattle. Patchwerks brings so many people together and are constantly involved in connecting the Seattle electronic music community”.

Please consider contributing anything you can, if you can. Again the link to their GoFundMe can be found here. If you can’t contribute, share this article to reach someone who can! While you ponder, check out this awesome quick recap by Patchwerks of Velocity 2022.

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